Koudai's Weaning


In Japan, we start feeding food to a baby when he becomes 5 or 6 months old, trying to reduce the amount of breast milk or powder milk each day. I tried to follow this, but Koudai would refuse to eat food and cry so hard until I gave in and started breast-feeding him.

When he became one year old, I started working part-time and Koudai had to spend six hours a day three days a week at a day care. He was amazingly good when I was not around. Although it took him a couple of weeks to get used to a new place, eventually he learned to enjoy the provided lunch there. He seemed to understand there was no point in being cranky and didn't cry at all, even at a nap time.

I was able to stop nursing him during the day soon after he started day care, but not at night. While he had no problem going to sleep without nursing at the day care, he never did so at home. The "cry-it-out" method never worked for me, although I probably didn't continue it long enough to see the real effect. Even though I tried to stop nursing him to sleep from time to time, I really didn't care much about it. Some of my friends had continued nursing even after their kids became two, and I knew every baby grows out of nursing when he is ready.

Now, he is 18 months old and the day that once seemed so far away is finally here. I thought it would take much longer. Now that Koudai has finally weaned, I miss breast-feeding him.

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