Check-up for 18 month old babies


Today, I brought Koudai to a city hall to get him an 18-month check-up.

This check-up was organized by the city and was mandatory for all babies. After taking having a regular health check-up, all of us had to consult with the public nursery staff. They asked questions like if about whether we had any problems or how we played with our babies. We had to wait more than 30 minutes in a small waiting room and babies who were already unhappy because of all the doctor's check-ups became very frustrated. Some mothers brought brothers or sisters of 18 month babies, and they suffered as well.
I guess this consultation is necessary to recognize the reality of child abuse and snip a bud of it nip it in the bud. However, I hope the operation will be more smooth at Koudai's next check-up.

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