Trip to Tokyo


I sometimes feel bad about living close to my parents and far from my husband's parents, especially since our son was born. My parents can see him anytime they feel like, and I also ask them to take care of him often.

However, Aki's parents cannot leave Tokyo after since they have to take care of Koudai's great grandma who is confined to bed. We cannot go to Tokyo often either as it takes about five hours from our home to theirs. Furthermore, they do not want Koudai to travel that far, especially when the weather is too hot or cold.
Therefore, we had long decided to use last weekend to go and visit them as the weather in October is usually mild. Last Monday was a national holiday so we had a long weekend.

Last time they saw Koudai was when he was seven months old. There are many things that he has learned to do since then, including things we don't really want him to learn. ;D He now can walk, dance with to music, raise his hand, take out things from drawers, push chairs, pick garbage, throw dishes...
While we were in Tokyo, Koudai seemed quite happy since he could get applause from his grandpa and grandma for whatever he did, even when it was something that usually made his mother furious.

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