Koudai's been coughing.


Koudai has been having a runny nose for a couple of days, and has been coughing since yesterday. It seems that sputum is blocking his throat, and he cannot cough it up or swallow it. When I tried to feed him this morning, he regurgitated the food with a cough.

He had the same symptom before, and I took him to a hospital at that time because he sounded terrible. According to the doctor, children tend to have a frog in their throats since their airways are still very narrow. She prescribed medications for Koudai to stop coughing and to widen the airway. However, they didn't work at all. My parents said, "Drugs for kids are supposed to be very mild and you shouldn't expect them to work wonders."

Having that experience, I didn't take him to a hospital this time. He doesn't have a fever, and despite having a runny nose and coughing every now and then, he is alive and kicking.

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