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I decided to study business English since I started a new job as a translator for a company near my house.
A few years ago, a couple of my friends talked about taking a class for business English. At that time, I thought if you were good at general English, you didn't have to take lessons specifically for "business" English.

I was wrong. I understand most of daily conversations or written articles in English, although I use an online dictionary at times, but I cannot write a simple letter without taking a very long time if it is a company-to-company letter. I get so nervous with each word I use that I have to look it up on Google to see if there are a large number of hits for that expression.

I believe any language learning is somehow imitating someone else's words or phrases. I should focus on reading business materials to make myself familiar with those business terms.

Another problem is that I'm not quite familiar with the set-up of a company; for example, I am not certain which title is higher than which even in Japanese, except that CEO or President is the highest.

One thing I am certain of is that you CAN work in a company without knowing these things!

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