Better to be with Koudai than to play golf


Since my husband and I started to play golf, my father likes to take us out to a golf driving range on weekends. My father has been playing golf for more than 30 years, and he enjoys being an instructor for us. While we are practising, my mother, who also plays golf but is not so keen on practising, takes care of Koudai.

Koudai has become more and more active lately. Therefore, instead of letting him play in the lobby of the building at the range, my mother decided to take him to a shopping mall nearby.

We thought the range would be crowded and we would need to wait for a while. So, my father first dropped us off at the range and gave my mother and Koudai a ride to the shopping mall. In this way, we could put our names on the waiting list and we would get our turn when my father returned. However, it wasn't crowded at all. We were able to get our hitting boxes without waiting, but my father, who was supposed to join us after dropping my mother and Koudai off, didn't come back. When we felt like finishing the practice after an hour, I finally gave him a call on his mobile. He said he would come to pick us up, but was not going to practice himself. He seemed to find it more enjoyable to play with Koudai than to play golf.

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