Koudai's second swimming lesson


We brought Koudai to his second swimming lesson. At the beginning of every class, the coach calls out the names of each child. When his or her name is called, that boy or girl answers it shouting "ha-i", with raising his/her hand.

Koudai hadn't learned to do this at the last time, so we have been teaching him how to answer when his name is called. He doesn't speak a word, but has learned to raise a hand.

Unfortunately, when Koudai and his father joined the class, his name was already called had already been called, so he missed the opportunity to show his newly obtained skill.

On their brochure, it says "The target of this baby class is to teach children 1) how to greet each other, 2) how to answer when his/her name is called, and 3) how to put away toys."

Well, Koudai has only one more lesson, but I'd really like Koudai to learn how to put toys away!

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