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Last Sunday, my husband and I brought Koudai to a gym in our neighborhood to get him take a swimming lesson for a swimming lesson. The class is for kids between 6 months to and 3 years old and their parents. Well, it wasn't really a "swimming" lesson, but more like a "let's play with water" time. However, it was not just having fun in the water. The coach who was in charge of the class taught basic moves that leads to swim lead to swimming in the long run.

We had known about their swimming class for kids but were not really thinking of letting Koudai take it. One of the reasons was that I didn't want to take him to the class myself. I could easily imagine how hard it would be to change my clothes while keeping him from running away. I already have trouble dressing him after a bath. Why would I want an extra challenge? On the other hand, my husband has been interested in the lesson. He was a swimmer himself, and had taken lessons for several years in his childhood. He even worked as a part-time swimming instructor at the swimming club he used to attend.

The other day, we found that they have classes on Sundays as well, and they are currently running a campaign for new members. During this campaign period, we can take three lessons any time we like, including Sunday. Well, only three times plus I don't have to take him. It all suits me.

To my surprise, Koudai did not cry during the whole one hour lesson, even when his father put his face in the water throughly all the way into the water. His smile was gone for a while after that, but he seemed to be enjoying being in the water most of the time.

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