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I wasn't picky about food from the childhood in my childhood; however, one thing I really hated was a green salad. I liked cooked vegetables. Actually I loved veges veggies in stew or soup. I just didn't like raw vegetables at all. My mother was very strict about manners and we were not allowed to leave food on our plates. I used to be forced to sit for an hour to finish my salad after everyone had already left the table.

My mom is Koudai's grandma, and I'm often surprised to see how much one person can change when the position in life changes. Koudai has started eating baby food, but he is a little fussy about his food as any normal child is. When he is not going to eat he refuses to eat with his lips closed tight and holds his lips closed tight, my mother starts to prepare his favorites, such as peaches, apples, or cantaloupes which I consider too expensive for a one year old.

It is probably true that my mother didn't force me to eat salads when I was one year old. I just didn't remember her then. However, I don't think she will change even when Koudai gets is eight or ten.

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nice blog. There are well-known situations for me, because I am a mother too (two girls 5 and 6 years).
I am a LingQ member and I put you to my friends in the community section. then I can see you newest posts. You write very good and I think I can learn some expressions. I am trying to write my blog in English too.

In addition, the problem with the grandmothers is typical :-)

Now I will push the button and I hope, it is the "Send" (I can not read the japanese letters)

Hi Annett!


Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
Yes, I think some of the episodes are very typical for all the mothers! ;D

I would love to hear some of your stories about two daughters!
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