Koudai's hobby


We have put a baby gate between the living room and the kitchen. About two days ago, Koudai started throwing things from the living room side over to the kitchen side.

I first noticed this when I found one of my husband's T-shirts lying on the kitchen floor; "How did this get here?"

I didn't have to wonder too long. Within thirty minutes, there was a pile of laundry that was supposed to be hanging in the living room. There also were Koudai's toys, books, and even his clothes that had been neatly folded in a box in another room.

As I watched him going back and forth holding something new, he grabbed a rather long towel hanging by the kitchen counter. It was easy to take it from the towel bar, but difficult for him to throw it over the gate. He got frustrated when the towel didn't go to the other side however hard he tried, so I made it easier for him. When the towel finally fell to the kitchen floor, he looked so proud of himself.

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