Koudai is now one year old!


Koudai had his first birthday on August 21. Aki and I did not do anything special on that day, except for eating a small piece of cake with one tiny candle standing on it. We bought it for Koudai, but we were the ones who ate it as Koudai showed no interest. He preferred to play with the foil.

On the following day, we took Koudai to a resort spot, letting his grandpa and grandma accompany us as his caretaker. I was secretly hoping to have a relaxing time on my own, leaving Koudai to his grand parents grandparents. However, they got tired so soon that I hardly had time for my own to myself as expected.

Around his birthday, I often thought about how what it had been like the year before. Koudai had not yet been born, and I was told to walk around on hot steamy days. It all seems like several years ago, and I feel very strange thinking there have been only twelve months since Koudai came to into the world.

Well, my son is now one year old. He will be reaching for a cake and not for the foil at his second birthday for sure!



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