The Final Installment of Harry Potter


When I took Koudai for a short walk yesterday, he went asleep to sleep as soon as we got out. I decided to have a nice relaxing time at a Starbucks.

On the way there, I felt like reading a book after a long time and stopped at a book store to buy one. At first, I thought of a light reading about choosing some light reading so that I could finish it without taking much time. Then, I saw a pile of the latest Harry Potter books. I knew it had already been published, but this was the first time I actually saw the famous final installment of Harry Potter. Well, I couldn't choose anything else but this talked-about book.
I have read all the other books in the series and was going to read the final one some day. However, I wasn't planning to buy a new book; I was thinking of buying it at a second-hand bookshop or even borrowing it from a library. This might be due to one of Harry's spells.

Koudai woke up and my relaxing time was terminated before I went into began Chapter Two. I am now eagerly waiting for Koudai to take an afternoon nap!

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