Koudai will be having his very first birthday soon. My current task is to organize the photos taken so far.

I have taken about a hundred of photos of him but most of them are just stored in my PC. Digital cameras made it very easy to take photos, but then, I forget to print them out or remove the ones I don't need.
Since our marriage, I have been making a calendar using the photos I took and giving it to my husband's parents at the end of the year. They live far away and we don't see each other often. It is one way to show how we were doing the past year. Until last year, I usually found there were not enough photos when I started to make one for the next year. Last year, there were many photos because of Koudai but they all look alike as he was just lying in most of them. This year, I will be very busy picking up out photos to be used for the calendar for next year!

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