Chain Reaction


Last night was very steamy and all of us couldn't none of us could sleep well.

Koudai kept rolling over and searched for my breasts to suck. His head bumped my body every one hour or so. Every time he did that, I fed him at the breast just to get my sleep back. When he wakes up during the night, he usually releases me after five minutes or so. However, last night, he wasn't hungry. He just wanted to suck my breast and eventually he started chewing it. It hurt. I tried to put push him away. He didn't like it and started crying. His teether couldn't soothe him, so I started to feed him again.
After repeating several times of this, this several times, I started saying, "Please sleep! Mommy cannot keep doing this!", and that woke my husband up.

To tell the truth, I was no intention to keep had no intention of keeping my voice down to let him keep sleeping while I was suffering so badly!

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