Father at a public children's house


I often bring Koudai to public children's houses. There are several of them in my area and two are within walking distance. These places are open for free for parents to exchange information and to let their babies play together. There usually are about 10 to 15 pairs of mothers and babies around 6 months to 18 months old.

Last Thursday, I saw a father there for the first time. His daughter was born just two weeks earlier than Koudai, and we had a lot in common as to our babies' behaviours or troubles. While talking, I wondered about what he did for living, but couldn't ask. On The next day, I saw the same guy at another children's house. This time, he said he was on child-care leave before I had a chance to ask.

We talked about how difficult it is for businessmen to get a child-care leave even though they are entitled to it. In fact, he feels he is now off the career track for because of taking the leave. It is a very disappointing situation. Still, the number of companies that have introduced child-care leave has increased, and people are more concerned about the fathers' involvement in parenting compared to several years ago.

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