Ultraviolet Radiation


Many things have changed since my parents' generation raised their children. The concern about exposure to ultraviolet radiation is one of them.

When my mother was raising us, she was told to let us bathe in the sun as much as possible so that our bones would get strong. They say it doesn't work that way any more. Bathing in the sun was good because the food at that time was not nutritious and the sun light could help develop calcium in some way.

However, babies today do not need such help. On the contrary, they need to worry about the skin damage caused by the exposure to UV light. My baby has an allergic tendency, and his skin is very sensitive. I used to think putting a lotion or some kind of chemicals on babies' skin is not good, but I had to think again when I saw him get a rash all over his feet after taking a short walk. Now, every time we go outside, his skin is much better-protected than his mother's.

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