Familia is a popular label of babies' and children's wear in Japan. Their head office is based in Kobe, where I live, and many mothers in this area dream about dressing their children in one of Familia clothing.

However, their prices are a little high, so most of us who don't have deep pockets, do not buy Familia for ourselves but wait to receive them as gifts. In Kobe, it is very common to buy a Familia garment as a gift in celebration of the a birth.

I am one of the mothers who love Familia but can't afford it. Besides, I usually think buying expensive clothes for babies is not a wise thing to do, especially because kids grow out of them so fast.

However, today, I walked by one of the Familia stores having a Summer sale. As may be expected of such a popular brand, all their items were very cute. They were still expensive even with a 30% discount, but I could not help buying a couple of them.

Well, I will not walk into any Familia stores for a while.

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