Please, not today!


I was not feeling well today. On such a day, dealing with a child is ten times as hard as usual, and Koudai did his best to make it even more challenging.

The first incident happened when I was changing his diapers. As soon as I removed the old one, he started to pee. Unfortunately, we have recently started using pants-style diapers, and I couldn't prevent his pee from soaking into the carpet. It was not the first time he did this, but he hasn't done it for a while and I was completely off-guard.

I should have become more cautious after this, but then the a worse thing happened. This time, he did a poo on the floor. To Koudai's credit, it was my fault. His skin is very sensitive and I always let his bottom dry before putting a new diaper on, otherwise he easily gets a rash. Apparently, he had not finished the job when I took the diaper off, so he simply resumed what he had been doing. When I saw his pooping on the floor, I dashed to get paper towels and started to wipe them off clean it up. I cleaned them all I had everything cleaned, and looked back to find my baby now playing with paper towels!



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