Having fun at a golf driving range!


I went to a golf driving range today. It was my second time. Until a few weeks ago, I never thought about playing golf myself. Basically, I do not like playing sports and, furthermore, it seemed to me that golf was a sport for rich businessmen.
Then, why am I now practising my golf swing? It started when my husband said he wanted to try it. I mentioned it to my parents, as my father is a long-time golf lover. He has been playing golf for more than 30 years. He is a chopper despite all his time devoted to golf practise, but he loves it anyway. To my surprise, he got my mother into it several years ago. They go golfing together quite often now that my father is retired. When I mentioned my husband's intention, my father got so enthusiastic that he arranged to go to a golfing range together the following day. Luckily, my parents had plenty of clubs that have not been used recently, so we didn't need anything. Although we were awful at the range, we did enjoy it very much. Well, this happened last week, and today we did much better the second time.

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