IKEA is fun.


There are three IKEA stores in Japan. Although I'm a big fan of IKEA, the first two stores are too far for me to go. Therefore, I was very excited when I heard the third one would be located in my town.

It finally opened last April, but there have been huge line-ups every day since the opening. One of my friends told me that she had to wait for three hours to get in. That's why I decided to wait until things calmed down a little.

However, today, I suddenly felt like going there. They say they are still busy on weekends but not so on weekdays, and I thought I might as well try. There were many people, yes, but we did not have to wait in line anywhere, even when buying a hot dog.

I didn't buy anything (except one hotdog!) but enjoyed watching displays and imaginary remodeling, as I usually do at an IKEA.

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First one


Hi WestEnder-san,

I'm a fun of IKEA too. :)
Actually, this is not the first arrival of IKEA at Japan. I found it as a tenant shop of big shopping mall over 20 years ago.
My parents are also big fun of IKEA from the morment, and we still have some furniture which we've gotten. I think they failed to sell these Scandinavian "big" furniture at that time. So, they went back to their homeland at once. Then, IKEA came to almost same place with a big store again. They have now confidence with selling their materials to Japanese people. Around our area, there are many big furniture stores, I think. IKEA CEO said at the first time, "The enemy is Tokyo Disney Land." Now you know, this mean.
Anyway, the first one came to my place, was so sensational and excited. Therefore, I took a holiday and joined the opening ceremony on weekday. I love to enjoy Scandinavian foods too. We sometimes go to IKEA to lunch.

Hi TAK-san


Wow, I didn't know they'd already had a store 20 years ago! As you wrote, it was probably too fancy to have IKEA furniture at that time. Your parents must be very fashion-conscious! I only had a hotdog this time, but would love to try the restaurant on the second floor!
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