Baby, you are very cute, but act like a zombie.


I thought babies slept a lot. My mother says I slept all the time and she had to make sure from now and then if that I was breathing. It might be a difference between baby boys and baby girls, but my baby does not like sleeping as much as his mother did.

He refuses to be put to sleep and tries to be awake until he uses up all his energy. Even when he finally falls asleep after midnight, he gets up again fifteen to thirty minutes later. He tries to sit up with his eyes still closed at first, and then, in a few seconds, he is wide awake, just like a zombie. He slips away from the futon we share, and crawls out from the tatami room in which we are sleeping to the living room next to it. The tatami room is separated from the living room by a Japanese style slide door but it is quite easy for a nine-month-old baby to slide it open just enough for him to get out. I usually wake up when I notice the first sign of his waking up, as most mothers do. I follow him out to the dimly lit living room and watch him over watch over him until his energy runs out again.

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Ciao! Long time no see (on the net!)!
I found you opened a new blog! and it is an English blog! Great job!

One question...who is correcting your mistakes? Is there anybody that is checking your English?

I'm planning to go back to Japan in September for a month. So, let's meet!



It's sure been a long time no see (on the net!)
I've been using "LingQ" for my English and French study! Check out below site:

I can't wait to see you and your little girl!

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