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When I was checking my emails this morning, I found a notice from FC2 BLOG. It says they've launched an English blog service. There is nothing special about it except all the menus appear in English. However, the notice made me decide to create a new blog on which I will post everything in English.

I went to the wake for a person who meant a lot in my life. He was a camp director when I attended kids' camp as a volunteer group leader. We could join a camp as a leader only while we were attending a university or a college. It was a four-year privilege and I learnt very important things in life during these four years.
I have not seen him for more than fifteen years and I didn't break into outbursts of tears when I heard the news. However, I have been feeling depressed and can't get his death out of my mind.

He had been a camp director for 27 years, and each year there were at least 25 new volunteer leaders. That means there were almost 700 ex-leaders like me. He was a person with charisma. It seems he was special not only to me but to others as well. 800 people including his relatives and co-workers gathered at the wake. I wonder how many more will come to the funeral tomorrow.

He had retired as camp director long ago and had become a director of a kindergarten managed by YMCA. However, it was one of my dreams to send my kid to his kids' camp.

May his soul rest in peace.

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