Koudai and the blanket


It has been getting cooler and cooler each day in Japan. During the daytime, there are times I feel hot, but mostly the temperature is very mild and comfortable. At nighttime, it sometimes gets a bit cold, so my husband and I try to cover up Koudai with his small blanket.


Better to be with Koudai than to play golf


Since my husband and I started to play golf, my father likes to take us out to a golf driving range on weekends. My father has been playing golf for more than 30 years, and he enjoys being an instructor for us. While we are practising, my mother, who also plays golf but is not so keen on practising, takes care of Koudai.


Koudai's second swimming lesson


We brought Koudai to his second swimming lesson. At the beginning of every class, the coach calls out the names of each child. When his or her name is called, that boy or girl answers it shouting "ha-i", with raising his/her hand.


Swimming Lesson


Last Sunday, my husband and I brought Koudai to a gym in our neighborhood to get him take a swimming lesson for a swimming lesson. The class is for kids between 6 months to and 3 years old and their parents. Well, it wasn't really a "swimming" lesson, but more like a "let's play with water" time. However, it was not just having fun in the water. The coach who was in charge of the class taught basic moves that leads to swim lead to swimming in the long run.


Mom and Grandma


I wasn't picky about food from the childhood in my childhood; however, one thing I really hated was a green salad. I liked cooked vegetables. Actually I loved veges veggies in stew or soup. I just didn't like raw vegetables at all. My mother was very strict about manners and we were not allowed to leave food on our plates. I used to be forced to sit for an hour to finish my salad after everyone had already left the table.


Koudai's hobby


We have put a baby gate between the living room and the kitchen. About two days ago, Koudai started throwing things from the living room side over to the kitchen side.


Koudai is now one year old!


Koudai had his first birthday on August 21. Aki and I did not do anything special on that day, except for eating a small piece of cake with one tiny candle standing on it. We bought it for Koudai, but we were the ones who ate it as Koudai showed no interest. He preferred to play with the foil.


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