Christmas letter


Suddenly, it's Christmas time again.
I was surprised to see that I haven't posted anything to this blog since last March I've been busy, so has my CLM! (cute little monster)
I have so many things to write about and so little time to sit in front of my PC... What a shame!

Anyway, I somehow managed to write a Christmas letter to one of my friends in Canada. I hope this will lead to another posting in the near future.


Koudai's Weaning


In Japan, we start feeding food to a baby when he becomes 5 or 6 months old, trying to reduce the amount of breast milk or powder milk each day. I tried to follow this, but Koudai would refuse to eat food and cry so hard until I gave in and started breast-feeding him.


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genre : Diary

Check-up for 18 month old babies


Today, I brought Koudai to a city hall to get him an 18-month check-up.


Koudai is now 18 months old!


I haven't been able to write about Koudai for four whole months.
After starting to go to the day care, Koudai often picks up a cold and my husband and I get it from him.


theme : Diary
genre : Diary

Trip to Tokyo


I sometimes feel bad about living close to my parents and far from my husband's parents, especially since our son was born. My parents can see him anytime they feel like, and I also ask them to take care of him often.


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